Web Dentist

Project Goal

  1.  The project was about developing a web platform for dentists.
  2. We needed to create a platform where people can book dentist appointments online and can also have an online video consultation with the option to make payment from the portal itself
  3. We needed to create a payment gateway for the website, as well as the option for the user to have an online video consultation.
  4. This was a web application, so compatibility was required for android as well iOS
  5. We needed to add a chat feature with the dentist for the user on the web application
  6. The client also wanted to add a feature of "Add my prescription"
  7. Features like family profile, medical history, Dental records, and add invoice was required

Project Description and Solution

Web dentist is a platform created by Coders, doctors, and entrepreneurs with the effort to minimize the gap between doctor and patient and ensure effortless and smooth consultation between them. With the help of Web dentist, a patient can easily get into the platform register themselves with a few steps, and find a doctor for consultation by paying a minimal fee. All the above features mention in the images were been added up and apart from that responsive design website was been created with all the bugs been fixed with proper quality testing of the website at each feature stage.

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