Aurix Exchange

Project goal

The client wanted to make a platform where cryptocurrency trading becomes easy and transparent. We had a task to create a platform where the exchange of cryptocurrency becomes convenient and safe. Following were some problems which were been highlighted by our team
  1. Low liquidity and transaction speed
  2. Secure network for trading
  3. Support system for the trading platform


  1. We have an exchange where users can trade cryptocurrencies. It supports many of the most commonly traded cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and BCH, and offers high liquidity
  2. Also, Aurix offers the Visa/Mastercard Card with Defi cashback Which allows cardholders to casually pay with crypto anywhere and anytime. Moreover, the card does not have annual fees.
  3. Solution for e-commerce and other businesses Last but not least, we have a special solution for e-commerce and other businesses that would like to start accepting cryptocurrencies. To make such transactions easier, Aurix has developed a unique shop plug-in s that can fit in almost every system.
  4. Cloud Security Integrated pool for hardware and & cloud security.
  5. Trading All digital assets have liquid trading pairs Responsive Design Innovative asset management on PC and Mobile

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