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PPC Management, or Pay Per Click Management, is a valuable part of any marketing effort both for the exposure to your target audience and the critical audience intelligence a good PPC management campaign provides.
We provide full service Pay Per Click (PPC)service in Mumbai/Maharashtra to help you drive traffic to your website. Because of our diligent work we are now a premier destination for Search Engine Marketing & Pay Per Click (PPC) services in Mumbai/Navi Mumbai/Vashi/Maharashtra (India). We will target and report about the best demographic location, age groups and will continuously monitor Google display network for any behavioral changes. What's most important is, that all our methods are transparent, ethical and our services are efficient and affordable.
Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai
The Fastway - Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai

Our PPC Management Services helps your business grow

in two unique ways:
Generate high-quality traffic and increase conversions:

Fuel your website with high-quality traffic and watch your conversions explode. There are over 3 billion searches every day. These searches are full of people looking for answers and solutions to their problems. A percentage of these searches are problems that your business solves. Through the use of ppc management services, you can pull new customers to your business immediately.

Get results instantly:

Paid search ads will drive traffic to your website instantly once setup. Unlike organic search listings, you will be on the front page of Google instantly. However, you pay per click on your search ads. It is important to make sure you are paying for clicks that convert into conversions. In addition, it is even more important that your cost per conversion is not higher than the value of your customers.

Text Ads
Text ads that appear within a Google search above organic search results, search ads provide consumers with a snippet of information about your business, as well as a link to call you on mobile devices.Text ads with snippet of business information Link to call on mobile Appear above organic search results
Display Ads
Visual advertisements that display across Google’s Display Network, Display ads can take the form of text, image, video and rich media. More than 2 million sites are a part of Google’s Display Network, all of which have places on them that Display ads can appear.Text, image, video or rich media advertisements Appear across Google’s Display Network Great for increasing brand awareness
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Remarketing Ads
Have you ever visited a website – while considering the purchase of a product or to get more information about a service, only to have it follow you around the internet – from search engines, to news articles, to social media in the following weeks? The advertisements you saw are remarketing ads, and you can create them too.Appear only after you visit the website Follow you across the web
Shopping Ads
Displayed above Google search results, Google Shopping ads include product images, prices and store information.Include product image, price and merchant name Appear above organic search results High click-through rate

Benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

  •  Get immediate results
  •  Precisely control you budget

  •  Be found at the top of Google
  •  Target your ideal search phrases
  •  Increase web traffic and qualified leads

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